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Anthony Smith Feb 17 Knowledge Base - Drive Bender / Installation Issues

With the release of version 2.4, the installer was changed to enforce the uninstalling of any previous Drive Bender version before the new version can be installed. This was done to help with driver upgrade issues.

Note - You must reboot after uninstalling prior to installing the newer version.
Note 2 - When performing the uninstallation of the precious version, your existing pool configuration WILL be preserved.

If you perform the installation of the new version, and you :-
   a) Cannot contact the server using the Drive Bender Manager (aka "Can't communicate with the Server").
   b) The Drive Bender mount point(s) fail to come up.
... follow these simple steps.

1) First and foremost DO NOT panic, your files are safe and are sitting on the drives in the pool, all that has happened is that the mount point you normally use to access the files, has not mounted as it should.
2) Do NOT uninstall Drive Bender again, or rebuild your machine (although this will work, this is overkill).
3) Perform a reboot and wait for 5 - 10 minutes, if still no joy, try again... it make take several attempts to work. We have found (or rather some users have found), that doing this fixes the issue.
4) If after several attempts, if you are still experiencing an issue, please send the Drive Bender logs - The Drive Bender 2.4 (and above) logs are located at "C:\ProgramData\Division-M\Drive Bender\Logs". The file names are "db-StartupLog.sil" and "db-xxxx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx.sil" (where all the xx's are the date). Can you please reply with all log attached in a zip file, please only include the "SIL" files unless otherwise instructed. Note to send large zipped log files, please see - http://divisionm.zendesk.com/entries/52723325.

What is happening here?
There seems to be an issue with the updated drivers not being able to initialize themselves upon the initial restart, and can take a number of restarts to sort themselves out. Once sorted, there are no further issues.

Some users have also reported that, rather than restart the machine, they have killed the DriveBenderService.exe, then restarted it via the Windows Services Manager, doing this a number of times has also worked (note make sure you give the service 5 - 10 minutes between restarts).

Addendum 2
If you still cannot get the mount point to mount, please try changing the mount point type as follows.
1) Open regedit and head to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Division-M\Drive Bender"
2) A
dd a new DWORD value called "Mount Point Options" and set it to 65531 decimal (or FFFB in hex)
3) Restart.



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